Why Donald Trump Will Win

As of this 13th New Moon on the evening of 3/9/16, Trump is the front runner for  the Republican Nomination.  I think he will not only become the Republican Nominee, but he will win in a landslide victory come this November.

And why?  Donald Trump has tapped into the frustrations and anger that many Americans across the board are feeling right now.  Trump promises to stop illegal immigration by building a wall, enforcing current immigration laws and deporting 11 million illegals.  Most Americans agree with this, including Hispanics. I agree with it.  After all, why shouldn’t immigrants abide by our laws to gain entry into our country?  It’s common sense.

Trump promises to make free trade smart.  Most Americans agree with this.  Right now we do stupid trade deals which tax businesses so high they are driven from our country and have incentives to put their wealth anywhere but in the USA.  Our trade policies allow China and others to devalue their currencies, making it impossible for American companies to compete with Chinese companies, etc.  Trump isn’t going to tolerate that nonsense any longer.  He’s going to provide incentives for American businesses to bring back their wealth to this country, and he’s going to threaten stiff tariffs on foreign imports if they don’t stop devaluing their currencies.  Trump is going to use tough, smart negotiations to remove corporate inversion and attract businesses back into the USA and allow American companies to be able to compete against other countries once again.

Trump is going to dramatically simplify and cut taxes across the board, placing more wealth back into the pockets of Americans.  He also intends to audit the FED and expose that fraudulent system for what it is.

Trump is going to repeal Obamacare and replace it with medical tax credits and competition to drive down medical costs.

Trump will replace Justice Scalia with a very conservative justice.

Trump is going to cut through all the political bullshit and get things done.  He funds his own campaign which means he is not beholden to lobbyists and special interests. Even Cruz, who bills himself as a conservative, is funded by Goldman-Sachs and his wife has ties to the CFR.    Trump is his own man, and he loves this country.

How fitting that Donald Trump, who will at last tear down all the corruption in DC and restore America, making it great again, will begin his first four year term in 2017, which is the very year the next Biblical Jubilee is set to begin. In fact, Trump will be sworn in sometime around late January, and the Jubilee Year will begin in early Spring, just a couple months later.

I had thought 2017, a Jubilee Year, was going to bring about the beginning of the 3.5 Year Great Tribulation, and certainly if Hillary won, her pro-Obama policies would surely see the ultimate demise of this nation, leading to a New World Order.  But if Trump wins, he would make sure Hillary goes to jail, and re-open investigations into 9/11/01.  Trump would bring back a golden age to this country not seen since the 1980s under Reagan.  Only Trump would be a better president than Reagan.   By far.

So, perhaps the 2017 Jubilee Year will launch 7-8 years of prosperity, such as the world has never seen, pushing back the Great Tribulation until at least 2024-2025 or later.  Perhaps Yah is giving America one last chance to repent.  Perhaps, rather than Tribulation, one last harvest is being made ready, one last revival, one last chance to exalt the Torah and Spirit before Satan’s man closes out this age.

Well, that would make me weep for joy.

I wait with baited breath to see how this all unfolds.

But I predict Trump wins in a landslide both in 2016 and 2020, the likes we have not seen since 80 and 84.



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