I held your hand

I smelled your hair

It felt like heaven

Walking on air

I sang with you

I loved your name

Never could sleep

Nothing was ever the same

You knew the stars

I knew your face

Feels like long ago

When I enjoyed your embrace

We said goodbye

A prayer farewell

Heart stained with grief

Sadness swell

Why can’t I forget you?

Why can’t I move on?

If your melody would just stop

Find the end of the song

Did you ever find?

What you were looking for?

Did you uncover the key?

And unlock your heart’s door?

Yearning for dreams

That seem so unreal

Those wedding bells

When will they peal?

When love is lost

Can it ever be refound?

When the heart is broken

Can it be rebound?

I don’t know the answer

to this riddle just yet

I’d wish for a yes

To be back when we first met

You think I’m a monster

Maybe I am

But even a Beast has his Beauty

There is forgiveness for man

I pray for you always

Some things will never change

And you still did bless me

Though you might find that strange

I look to my Savior

And follow His lead

For the hand He nows gives me

I will always need


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