A New Project

I’m inspired.  I’ve been reading “The Martian” and as much as I enjoyed the movie, the book is way better.  The author, Andy Weir, is a phenomenal writer!  So, I did some digging on Mr. Weir yesterday and discovered he actually wrote this book as a serial which he released, chapter by chapter, online.  After he finished it, some friends asked him to publish the whole thing on kindle.  Once he did that, he priced it at 99 cents and sold so many books, he skyrocketed to the #2 spot in Amazon book sales.  At this point, an agent approached him, sold his manuscript to a publisher, and walla — his little internet book project became a bestselling novel.

S00000 . . . I’m ready for a project.  I am a writer, after all.  Seems to me, I should be writing novels.  Now, waaaay back in my early to mid 20’s, I wrote this book called “Playing God” about this young man who had this power to manipulate matter at an atomic level.  It was a pretty cool book, and I remember having fun writing it.  I no longer have that manuscript, but I do remember the basic idea and themes.  I think I’m going to write that again. Only spruce it up and make it better. Following Weir’s example, I’ll post a chapter at a time on my facebook or blog or whatever.  Then, once it’s done, I’ll upload it to kindle.  Price it out at 99 cents.  See what happens.  Hey, it couldn’t hurt.  And besides . . . it’s going to be FUN.


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