Living in the Pearl

I want to talk about where I live.  Not only do I live in Portland, I live in the HEART of downtown Portland.  Ok, maybe not quite THE heart, but close enough.  I’m actually in what’s considered “uptown”, right on the western edge of the Pearl District.

A mere 16 year ago, the Pearl used to be a dirty place of warehouses and auto shops.  But, spend lots of money, convert the warehouses into hip lofts, bring in some rich hipsters and Californians and walla — you got the Pearl District, one of the nicest quarters of the downtown area.  Art galleries, world renowned restaurants, book stores galore, cafes, coffee shops abound.  And I live right on the edge of it.  Am I blessed or what?

Literally 5 minutes walk from my front door is the largest bookstore on the entire planet.  Yep, 5 stories of books. Heaven for a writer like me.  3 minutes walk is a Whole Foods.  Trader Joe’s is about 15 minutes walk.  The Deschutes Brewery, about 7 minutes walk, boasts the best root beer known to man.  I’ve lived here 4.5 years now, and I have barely scratched the surface in exploring the dizzying array of restaurants within walking distance of my 1927 hotel converted into apartment building.

I really long to live in the country, up in the mountains, nestled in a log cabin.  But until that dream can come about, I will enjoy the blessings of living on the edge of the Pearl.  And thank Yah everyday He allows me to explore this wonderful corner of Portland.


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