The Spirit and the Law

The Law is like the banks of the river

Charting its course

O’er the rugged landscape

The Spirit is the Water

That gushes between the banks

Flowing with life and greening the riverbed

Without the Law, the water turns into a destructive Flood

Chaos and disorder

No direction

Without the Spirit

A dry, cracked riverbed cuts the landscape

Death in its dust

And the Letter Kills

It’s not Law vs Spirit

or Spirit vs Law

Anymore than you can have a river without banks

Or banks without a river

Show me Law without Spirit

and I will show you a dead man’s bones

And show me Spirit without Law

and I will show you confusion and lies

But the Word is a Whole

Never meant to be Divided

Not Against Itself

For From Yah’s Spirit He Spoke the Law

And from His Law, we learn of His Spirit

The Two Are Not Twain

Nor ever can be


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