Why Donald Trump Will Win

As of this 13th New Moon on the evening of 3/9/16, Trump is the front runner for  the Republican Nomination.  I think he will not only become the Republican Nominee, but he will win in a landslide victory come this November. And why?  Donald Trump has tapped into the frustrations and anger that many Americans […]


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I held your hand I smelled your hair It felt like heaven Walking on air I sang with you I loved your name Never could sleep Nothing was ever the same You knew the stars I knew your face Feels like long ago When I enjoyed your embrace We said goodbye A prayer farewell Heart […]

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A New Project: Part 2

Okay, so I’ve churned out 2 chapters in the past 24 hours or so.  Posted the first one on my facebook page last night.  Just posted the second one this evening.  Judging by the comments and likes, I only have about 4 interested readers from my 206 friends, but it’s not like I’m in a […]

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A New Project

I’m inspired.  I’ve been reading “The Martian” and as much as I enjoyed the movie, the book is way better.  The author, Andy Weir, is a phenomenal writer!  So, I did some digging on Mr. Weir yesterday and discovered he actually wrote this book as a serial which he released, chapter by chapter, online.  After […]

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Last year I was in a relationship that ended because I did not tell her about a very embarrassing part of my past.  About 6 weeks later, during Hanukkah, I met a new person that I began a relationship with and, learning from my previous lesson, I told her everything about my past, even the […]

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Living in the Pearl

I want to talk about where I live.  Not only do I live in Portland, I live in the HEART of downtown Portland.  Ok, maybe not quite THE heart, but close enough.  I’m actually in what’s considered “uptown”, right on the western edge of the Pearl District. A mere 16 year ago, the Pearl used […]

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There Beneath the frozen bark Sap begins to rise Unseen in winter dark But life returning Hope unforseen And there ‘Neath the frost of love lost Warmth returns A softening Just a glimmer In the night But it’s enough It’s enough I dare not hold my breath Shifting, Turning It only takes one spark Could […]

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Beauty and the Beast

Clothed in blue His favorite color The Beast takes her hand Into the Grand Ballroom She is nervous and a little scared He is clumsy and hopelessly misunderstood Who knew such a fairy tale Could be so real? I still hope for such an ending She falls in love with me And I’m transformed into […]

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The Martian: Bring Him Home

If you’re a nerd who loves science and/or science-fiction, you will absolutely adore the movie that was released last October and is now up for an Oscar nomination for best picture, “The Martian”. I saw this film a couple times in the movie theater last fall, and enjoyed it more each time.  I recently bought […]

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The Spirit and the Law

The Law is like the banks of the river Charting its course O’er the rugged landscape The Spirit is the Water That gushes between the banks Flowing with life and greening the riverbed Without the Law, the water turns into a destructive Flood Chaos and disorder No direction Without the Spirit A dry, cracked riverbed […]

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